• Primary School Information
    • School Information
      • Supervisor/ Chairman of Management Committee Ms. Leung Wai Ha
      • School Head Ms. Ho Man Mai Amanda
      • Has the Incorporated Management Committee been established? Yes
      • School Type AidedWhole Day
      • Student Gender Co-ed
      • Sponsoring Body Queen Elizabeth School Old Students Association Education Promotion Organization
      • Religion Not Applicable
      • Year of Commencement of Operation 1992
      • School Motto Vos Parate Ut Serviatis
      • School Size About 7800 Sq. M
      • Through-train Secondary School QESOSA Secondary School and QESOSA Tong Kwok Wah Secondary School
      • Feeder Secondary School -
      • Nominated Secondary School -
      • Medium of Instruction Chinese
      • School Bus Service School Bus
      • Parent-Teacher Association Yes
      • Old Students' Association/ School Alumni Association Yes
    • 2019/2020 Annual School Charges
      • School Fee -
      • Tong Fai
      • PTA Fee $50
      • Approved Charges for Non-standard Items Collect $310 per academic year for air conditioner repairing and electricity, school facilities upgrade, etc.
      • Other Charges -
    • School Facilities
      • Number of Classroom(s) 30
      • Number of School Hall(s) 1
      • Number of Playground(s) 2
      • Number of Library(ies) 1
      • Special Rooms STEM room, 2 English rooms, computer room, 2 music rooms, visual art room, 2 remedial teaching rooms, multi-purpose room and counselling room.
      • Facility(ies) for Supporting Students with Special Educational Needs Ramp and Accessible lift.
      • Others Conference room, 2 interview rooms, 2 resource rooms, parent resource centre, kitchen and canteen.
    • Teaching Staff Information (Including School Head) in the 2018/2019 school year
      • Number of teaching posts in the approved establishment 55.0
      • Total number of teachers in the school 53
      • Qualifications and professional training (%)
        • Teacher Certificate / Diploma in Education 75%
        • Bachelor Degree 95%
        • Master/ Doctorate Degree or above 18%
        • Special Education Training 54%
      • Years of Experience (%)
        • 0 - 4 years 32%
        • 5 - 9 years 5%
        • 10 years or above 63%
    • Class Structure
      • 2018/19 School Year
        • P1 Number of classes 5
        • P2 Number of classes 5
        • P3 Number of classes 5
        • P4 Number of classes 5
        • P5 Number of classes 5
        • P6 Number of classes 5
        • Total 30
      • 2019/20 School Year (Based on the approval of EDB in 2019)
        • P1 Number of classes 5
        • P2 Number of classes 5
        • P3 Number of classes 5
        • P4 Number of classes 5
        • P5 Number of classes 5
        • P6 Number of classes 5
        • Total 30
    • Performance Assessment
      • Number of test(s) per year 0
      • Number of exam(s) per year 2
      • Streaming arrangement Mixed abilities. Every class is made up of students with different academic abilities and achievements.
      • Diversified Assessment for Learning Multi-dimensional assessment and formative assessment will apply to Chinese, English and Mathematics. Through the descriptive and academic reports, parents are informed about their children's levels of generic skills and academic performance.
    • School Life
      • Number of School Days per week 5
      • Number of periods per day 8
      • Duration of each normal period 40
      • School starts at 8:00 AM
      • School ends at 3:30 PM
      • Lunch time 12:15 - 13:15
      • Lunch arrangement Provided by designated supplier and Prepared by parents.
      • Healthy school life Healthy School Policy aims to impart knowledge and develop in students a positive healthy attitude. Fruit recess on Mondays and Fridays. Lunch and Tuck Shop monitoring program encourages pupils to establish healthy eating habits.
      • Remarks 1. Afternoon assembly provides opportunities to appreciate pupils' achievement and announce important messages. 2. The class-teacher time and tutorial time enables pupils to develop good learning habits and strategies. It also lets pupils finish some homework.
    • School Characteristics
      • School Management Organisation The sponsoring body of our school is "Queen Elizabeth School Old Students' Association Education Promotion Organization". We established the Incorporated Management Committee in 2007 to facilitate communication between managers and the principal on school development.
      • Incorporated Management Committee / School Management Committee/ Management Committee The IMC, which comprises 10 SB managers, headmaster, 2 teacher managers, 2 parent managers and 2 independent managers, was established in 2007.
      • School Green Policy The Sustainable Development Education has been integrated into the school curriculum. Pupils have to develop environmental and civic awareness through various learning activities.
      • School's Major Concerns Actively strive to create a positive school environment that is caring, nurturing self-love, self-confidence, spirit of learning.
      • Learning & Teaching Strategies The 40-minute lessons are designed to let teachers and pupils make good use of the time in implementing learning and teaching activities through cooperative learning. The school also establishes the class teacher time, after lunch activities time and tutorial time. The school encourages pupils to learn through practising. Pupils can construct knowledge through various learning and teaching activities in lessons. The school also arranges life wide learning activities for pupils to experience the learning processes and field studies. Personal-social education train and develop pupils generic skills in collaboration with other learning areas.
      • Development of Key Tasks The language curriculum and the reading program train pupils' reading habit and strategies. The school provides an intranet account and the learning platform for every pupil to learn and communicate through I.T. The comprehensive learning curriculum trains and develops pupils' generic skills in collaboration with other learning areas through project learning. The school has established the personal social education curriculum and will revise periodically to nurture pupils' moral and civic awareness.
      • Development of Generic Skills The school establishes the multi-learning session, personal-social education develop pupils' generic skills in collaboration with other learning areas.
      • Whole School Approach to Cater for Student Diversity The school helps pupils identify and tackle learning difficulties. We develop pupils' learning interest, motivation and confidence, and enhance self-learning ability. 2 senior teachers will coordinate the policy and strategies to cater for individual differences in collaboration with the colleagues.
      • Whole School Approach to Integrated Education Our school places great importance on the differences in students' abilities. As a result, we implement a school-wide student support mode and establish the student support team. It is responsible for coordinating and formulating various policies and measures to cater for individual differences and collaborates with other groups to support students' learning and development. We implement curriculum accommodation, assessment accommodation and individual learning plans. Moreover, we set up a variety of talented programmes to the different needs of students. For counselling programmes, there are leaping classes and homework counselling classes.
      • Education Support for Non-Chinese Speaking(NCS) Students Our school provides additional support for NCS students to facilitate their learning of Chinese: After-school classes are arranged to help with their homework and Chinese learning.
      • Curriculum Tailoring and Adaptation Co-planning of all main subjects is implemented in all school levels. Curriculum tailoring and adaptation is also implemented. Teachers work together to design the teaching and learning strategies, methods and activities of each module. These can help achieve a better teaching and learning effect.
      • Home-School Co-operation 1. The school establishes the PTA to strengthen the home-school communication and connection. The school and the PTA will collaborate to hold various seminars, workshops, courses and recreational activities. 2. The PTA establishes the parent volunteer group to recruit the parents in helping the school's learning activities. 3. Several parents days, parents meetings and students' learning outcome exhibitions will be held for parents to understand students' learning life in school each year.
      • School Ethos The personal social education curriculum was established in accordance with the school mission, education objectives, curriculum vision and learning guidelines in collaboration with the whole school approach programs to develop a harmonic relationship between pupils and teachers and a sense of belonging in pupils.
      • School Development Plan 1. Provide a diverse learning experience and enhance the sense of accomplishment. 2. Through life education, cultivate positive qualities.
      • Teacher Professional Training & Development Teacher professional training and development will be coordinated with the school development plan.
      • Others -
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