• Primary School Information
    • School Information
      • Supervisor/ Chairman of Management Committee Rev. Bro. Tierney James Christopher
      • School Head Ms. Nair, Chandni
      • Has the Incorporated Management Committee been established? Yes
      • School Type AidedWhole Day
      • Student Gender Boys
      • Sponsoring Body Director In Hong Kong of St. Joseph's College
      • Religion Catholicism
      • Year of Commencement of Operation 1957
      • School Motto Fides et Opera
      • School Size About 15974 Sq. M
      • Through-train Secondary School -
      • Feeder Secondary School La Salle College
      • Nominated Secondary School -
      • Medium of Instruction Chinese(incl.: Putonghua) and English
      • School Bus Service School Bus
      • Parent-Teacher Association Yes
      • Old Students' Association/ School Alumni Association No
    • 2019/2020 Annual School Charges
      • School Fee -
      • Tong Fai $4200
      • PTA Fee $600 (6 years)
      • Approved Charges for Non-standard Items -
      • Other Charges -
    • School Facilities
      • Number of Classroom(s) 36
      • Number of School Hall(s) 1
      • Number of Playground(s) 1
      • Number of Library(ies) 1
      • Special Rooms WOW Room, Music Rooms, Visual Arts Rooms and General Studies Room.
      • Facility(ies) for Supporting Students with Special Educational Needs Accessible lift, Accessible toilet, Tactile guide path and Visual fire alarm system.
      • Others Chapel, Indoor Swimming Pool, Storyland, Reading Corner for junior primary students, Covered Playground.
    • Teaching Staff Information (Including School Head) in the 2018/2019 school year
      • Number of teaching posts in the approved establishment 67.0
      • Total number of teachers in the school 67
      • Qualifications and professional training (%)
        • Teacher Certificate / Diploma in Education 100%
        • Bachelor Degree 100%
        • Master/ Doctorate Degree or above 61%
        • Special Education Training 31%
      • Years of Experience (%)
        • 0 - 4 years 22%
        • 5 - 9 years 15%
        • 10 years or above 63%
    • Class Structure
      • 2018/19 School Year
        • P1 Number of classes 6
        • P2 Number of classes 6
        • P3 Number of classes 6
        • P4 Number of classes 6
        • P5 Number of classes 6
        • P6 Number of classes 6
        • Total 36
      • 2019/20 School Year (Based on the approval of EDB in 2019)
        • P1 Number of classes 6
        • P2 Number of classes 6
        • P3 Number of classes 6
        • P4 Number of classes 6
        • P5 Number of classes 6
        • P6 Number of classes 6
        • Total 36
    • Performance Assessment
      • Number of test(s) per year 2
      • Number of exam(s) per year 2
      • Streaming arrangement Class by average abilities.
      • Diversified Assessment for Learning 1. Formative assessment 2. Summative assessment 3. Assessment of generic skills through project learning
    • School Life
      • Number of School Days per week 5
      • Number of periods per day 9
      • Duration of each normal period 35
      • School starts at 7:45 AM
      • School ends at 2:45 PM
      • Lunch time 12:00 - 12:50
      • Lunch arrangement Provided by designated lunch caterer or prepared by parents.
      • Healthy school life 1. Inspection of lunch boxes and the caterer's food production centre is carried out regularly by the Lunch Service Group and parent helpers to monitor the food quality and hygiene standards. 2. The Physical Fitness Award Scheme is implemented.
      • Remarks All students must stay at school for lunch and are not allowed to leave the school premises during lunchtime.
    • School Characteristics
      • School Management
        • School Management Organisation The school management plans, co-ordinates and monitors the school's performance in Management and Organisation, Learning and Teaching, Student Support and School Ethos and Student Performance.
        • Incorporated Management Committee / School Management Committee/ Management Committee Members of Incorporated Management Committee, please refer to the school website.
        • School Green Policy Environmental protection activities are promoted.
        • School's Major Concerns 1. To infuse inquiry based learning skills into the school curriculum. 2. To build collaborative learning communities among students and teachers. 3. To help students to build up positive moral values, show love and care from self to others and act with good manners.
      • Learning and Teaching Plan
        • Learning & Teaching Strategies Different teaching and learning strategies are adopted to cater for students' needs and interests, providing them with an all-round and well-balanced education in the following areas: values and attitudes; intellect; physique; social skills; aesthetics and spirituality. During lessons, students' creativity, thinking and social skills are being developed.
        • Development of Key Tasks 1. Various kinds of activities related to moral and civic education are organised. 2. Different reading activities and award schemes are implemented. 3. Project learning is conducted in General Studies and Science. 4. Information technology is utilised to enhance learning in class and after-school.
        • Development of Generic Skills Generic skills are incorporated in each subject's curriculum and extra-curricular activities.
      • Student Support
        • Whole School Approach to Cater for Student Diversity 1. Enrichment courses are provided for talented students. 2. Chinese, English and Mathematics remedial classes are arranged to help less able students. 3. Developing the potentials of every student and promoting mutual respect of individual differences among teachers and students through workshops and seminars.
        • Whole School Approach to Integrated Education - The School has set up the Student Support Team. Members include the Principal, Vice-principal, SENCo, social workers, school-based Educational Psychologist, teacher representatives and teaching assistants. - Teaching assistants are employed to work with the teachers as to provide various support to students with different needs. - Speech therapy services are provided to students with speech or language impairments.
        • Curriculum Tailoring and Adaptation To align with recent trends in education development and the school's vision, school-based adaptation policy, which provides support for students with different needs, is implemented.
      • Home-school Co-operation and School Ethos
        • Home-School Co-operation The PTA: 1. Collects and conveys parents' views to the school; 2. Mobilises parents and alumni to assist with school events, e.g. Swimming Gala, Sports Day, Physical Fitness Day, Carnival & Heritage Walk, etc.; 3. Organises parent-child activities and talks or sharing sessions for parents; 4. Co-ordinates with its affiliated clubs to organise extra-curricular activities for students.
        • School Ethos Through Service Learning, Religious Knowledge lessons, Personal Growth Education, various activities on Moral and Civic Education, the school strives to develop students' positive values and attitude, and the willingness to serve others. With an emphasis on 'zero bullying', the school has established a caring and supportive campus. Students demonstrate the "Lasallian Spirit" with their love for God, self and others, and also observe the school motto "fides et opera", meaning "faith and good works".
      • Future Development
        • School Development Plan 1. To enable students to acquire 21st century skills and develop a passion for life-long learning; 2. To establish professional learning communities to enhance educational leadership; 3. To nurture our boys in becoming Lasallian Gentlemen.
        • Teacher Professional Training & Development To provide teachers with more professional training so that they can infuse inquiry based learning skills to enhance learning and teaching efficacy.
        • Others -
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