• Primary School Information
    • School Information
      • Supervisor/ Chairman of Management Committee Sister Law Yuen Ming
      • School Head Sister Shiu Yuen Fun Magdalen
      • Has the Incorporated Management Committee been established? Yes
      • School Type AidedWhole Day
      • Student Gender Girls
      • Sponsoring Body Mother Superioress of the Daughters of Charity of the Canossian Institute (HK)
      • Religion Catholicism
      • Year of Commencement of Operation 1954
      • School Motto United in Love
      • School Size About 4500 Sq. M
      • Through-train Secondary School -
      • Feeder Secondary School Holy Family Canossian College
      • Nominated Secondary School -
      • Medium of Instruction Chinese
      • School Bus Service School Bus
      • Parent-Teacher Association Yes
      • Old Students' Association/ School Alumni Association Yes
    • 2019/2020 Annual School Charges
      • School Fee -
      • Tong Fai
      • PTA Fee $100
      • Approved Charges for Non-standard Items -
      • Other Charges -
    • School Facilities
      • Number of Classroom(s) 24
      • Number of School Hall(s) 1
      • Number of Playground(s) 2
      • Number of Library(ies) 1
      • Special Rooms 9 (GS Room, VA Room, MMLC, Music Room, Multi-purpose Room, Computer Room, Activity Room, Reading Wonderland, Religious Room.)
      • Facility(ies) for Supporting Students with Special Educational Needs Accessible toilet.
      • Others -
    • Teaching Staff Information (Including School Head) in the 2018/2019 school year
      • Number of teaching posts in the approved establishment 46.0
      • Total number of teachers in the school 47
      • Qualifications and professional training (%)
        • Teacher Certificate / Diploma in Education 100%
        • Bachelor Degree 100%
        • Master/ Doctorate Degree or above 50%
        • Special Education Training 0%
      • Years of Experience (%)
        • 0 - 4 years 7%
        • 5 - 9 years 5%
        • 10 years or above 88%
    • Class Structure
      • 2018/19 School Year
        • P1 Number of classes 4
        • P2 Number of classes 4
        • P3 Number of classes 4
        • P4 Number of classes 4
        • P5 Number of classes 4
        • P6 Number of classes 4
        • Total 24
      • 2019/20 School Year (Based on the approval of EDB in 2019)
        • P1 Number of classes 4
        • P2 Number of classes 4
        • P3 Number of classes 4
        • P4 Number of classes 4
        • P5 Number of classes 4
        • P6 Number of classes 4
        • Total 24
    • Performance Assessment
      • Number of test(s) per year 2
      • Number of exam(s) per year 2
      • Streaming arrangement Mixed ability classes from P.1 to P.6.
      • Diversified Assessment for Learning Other than the 2 exams and 2 tests in each scholastic year, pupils' performances are also assessed in project learning, outdoor visits, voluntary services and extra-curricular activities.
    • School Life
      • Number of School Days per week 5
      • Number of periods per day 5
      • Duration of each normal period 50
      • School starts at 8:00 AM
      • School ends at 3:15 PM
      • Lunch time 12:05 - 13:20
      • Lunch arrangement Provided by designated supplier and Prepared by parents.
      • Healthy school life The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) takes the responsibility to monitor the quality of food.
      • Remarks Lunch must be taken in school.
    • School Characteristics
      • School Management Organisation The Mother Superioress of the Daughters of Charity of the Canossian Institute (Hong Kong) is the sponsoring body of our school. The Incorporated Management Committee (IMC) is responsible for the functioning of the school. It is supported by the Administrative Committee, Curriculum Development Committee, Religious Formation Committee, Students’ Development Committee and Multi Intelligence Development Committee.
      • Incorporated Management Committee / School Management Committee/ Management Committee The IMC ensures that the vision and mission of the School set by the sponsoring body is carried out. It is the legal body for the management of the School.
      • School Green Policy We adopt the idea of recycling as much as possible: using paper sparingly; collecting old uniforms to be reused and reducing daily food waste. A roof top garden has been built to improve the greenery of the school environment.
      • School's Major Concerns 1. To optimize learning and teaching to enable students to face future challenges. 2. To enhance students' self-reflection and independent thinking ability.
      • Learning & Teaching Strategies There are fewer periods with longer lessons; flexible arrangement of extra-curricular activities; enhanced interactive learning and teaching. The building of learning profile is to trace the moral & civic, intellectual and aesthetic development of each pupil. The yearly theme is meant to facilitate and promote cross-curriculum learning, co-curricular activities and life-wide learning.
      • Development of Key Tasks 1. Multiple reading activities are to enhance pupils' communicative skills, creativity and critical thinking skills. 2. The use of ICT for learning and teaching is rigorous. 3. School-based project theme is set for project learning in Primary 5. 4. A whole school approach to guidance and discipline is adopted.
      • Development of Generic Skills Our classroom activities are to build generic skills so as to induce pupils to lifelong learning.
      • Whole School Approach to Cater for Student Diversity We provide adequate guidance and remedial lessons according to pupils' abilities so as to cater for their different learning needs.
      • Whole School Approach to Integrated Education School-based Speech Therapy Service, Understanding Adolescent Project and supporting groups are arranged to meet diverse developmental and educational needs of the students. School-based Educational Psychology Service and Early Identification of Learning Difficulties Programme for Primary One Pupils are deployed for related students to cater their individual learning differences.
      • Curriculum Tailoring and Adaptation We design learning material of different levels to cater for learner diversity; organize different training sessions to develop pupils' talents.
      • Home-School Co-operation The PTA works together with the School to promote different activities such as Sports Day, picnic, flag selling, variety show, etc.
      • School Ethos Our School enjoys a positive ethos with harmonious student-teacher relationship. Pupils are organized into Houses for cherishing mutual assistance and sense of belonging to the School. House captains are elected and they are responsible for the inter-house activities. Discipline prefects have to undergo training. The 'Big Sisters Scheme' is to assist Primary 1 pupils to better adapt to the school life. Reading companions are to cultivate a reading culture in the School. Educational camp is provided for P.5 pupils.
      • School Development Plan Major Concerns of 2018-2019 1. To optimize learning and teaching to enable students to face the challenge of learning and living in the future. 2. To enhance students' self-reflection and independent thinking ability. To encourage students to pursue the truth and choose kindness in their action so as to inspire others.
      • Teacher Professional Training & Development School-based professional training and development are adopted. Professional experts are also invited to provide service training.
      • Others Pupils will join exchange programmes. Pupils of different levels will participate in graded sports competitions, inter-school dance competitions (for details please refer to our school website).
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