• Primary School Information
    • School Information
      • Supervisor/ Chairman of Management Committee Ms. Fung Wing Ping Angelina
      • School Head Ms. Cheng Wai Ling
      • Has the Incorporated Management Committee been established? Not Applicable
      • School Type Gov'tWhole Day
      • Student Gender Co-ed
      • Sponsoring Body Government
      • Religion Not Applicable
      • Year of Commencement of Operation 1949
      • School Motto Diligence, Thriftiness, Happiness, Courage
      • School Size About 5000 Sq. M
      • Through-train Secondary School -
      • Feeder Secondary School -
      • Nominated Secondary School Queen's College, Belilios Public School, Clementi Secondary School, Hotung Secondary School, Tang Shiu Kin Victoria Government Secondary School
      • Medium of Instruction Chinese
      • School Bus Service School Bus
      • Parent-Teacher Association Yes
      • Old Students' Association/ School Alumni Association Yes
    • 2019/2020 Annual School Charges
      • School Fee -
      • Tong Fai
      • PTA Fee
      • Approved Charges for Non-standard Items School-based management fee $300 (pending)
      • Other Charges Pending
    • School Facilities
      • Number of Classroom(s) 30
      • Number of School Hall(s) 1
      • Number of Playground(s) 1
      • Number of Library(ies) 1
      • Special Rooms 13 special rooms, including Computer Room, 2 Music Rooms, Campus TV Control Room, 3 Remedial Teaching Rooms, Visual Arts Room, Language Room, Medical Room, Student Guidance Officer's Room and so on.
      • Facility(ies) for Supporting Students with Special Educational Needs Ramp, Accessible lift and Accessible toilet.
      • Others -
    • Teaching Staff Information (Including School Head) in the 2018/2019 school year
      • Number of teaching posts in the approved establishment 51.0
      • Total number of teachers in the school 54
      • Qualifications and professional training (%)
        • Teacher Certificate / Diploma in Education 95%
        • Bachelor Degree 96%
        • Master/ Doctorate Degree or above 52%
        • Special Education Training 33%
      • Years of Experience (%)
        • 0 - 4 years 17%
        • 5 - 9 years 9%
        • 10 years or above 74%
    • Class Structure
      • 2018/19 School Year
        • P1 Number of classes 5
        • P2 Number of classes 5
        • P3 Number of classes 5
        • P4 Number of classes 5
        • P5 Number of classes 5
        • P6 Number of classes 5
        • Total 30
      • 2019/20 School Year (Based on the approval of EDB in 2019)
        • P1 Number of classes 5
        • P2 Number of classes 5
        • P3 Number of classes 5
        • P4 Number of classes 5
        • P5 Number of classes 5
        • P6 Number of classes 5
        • Total 30
    • Performance Assessment
      • Number of test(s) per year 2
      • Number of exam(s) per year 2
      • Streaming arrangement 3 levels.
      • Diversified Assessment for Learning 1. Formative assessment for providing effective feedback (e.g. corrective, diagnostic) that motivates and improves learning and teaching. 2. Teachers give different tasks for pupils to tackle their learning difficulties.
    • School Life
      • Number of School Days per week 5
      • Number of periods per day 9
      • Duration of each normal period 35
      • School starts at 8:15 AM
      • School ends at 3:15 PM
      • Lunch time 12:30 - 13:30
      • Lunch arrangement Provided by designated supplier, Prepared by parents and Lunch time including recess.
      • Healthy school life The school participates the "Sport Act Award Scheme" and has been awarded with the "Active School Award" issued by Leisure and Cultural Services Department.
      • Remarks -
    • School Characteristics
      • School Management
        • School Management Organisation Our school is operated by the government and managed by our School Management Committee. There are fifty-two teachers in the school, including the Headmistress, 2 Deputy Heads, 10 Senior Teachers and 40 teachers.
        • Incorporated Management Committee / School Management Committee/ Management Committee The chairman of our school management committee is appointed by the government. The committee members include the School Headmistress, the representatives of teachers, parents and alumni. There are also three members from the society.
        • School Green Policy Student Environmental Protection Ambassador Scheme.
        • School's Major Concerns 1. Emphasis on physical and personal growth of pupils, so that they can enjoy the school life in the new campus. 2. Development of e-learning, training of teachers to meet the diversified needs of pupils' learning.
      • Learning and Teaching Plan
        • Learning & Teaching Strategies 1. Provide Class Teacher lesson. 2. Provide Moral and Civic Education lesson. 3. Provide Pupils Personal Growth lesson, Reading lesson and Native English teacher lesson. 4. Organize various interest groups and extracurricular activities. 5. Native English tutor to enhance pupils to learn English. 6. Actively promote IT in education. 7. Emphasize on Moral and Civic Education. 8. Promote Reading and Project learning (P.1-P.3 focused on Cross-Curricular learning, P.4-P.6 Project-based learning).
        • Development of Key Tasks Put an emphasis on four key areas: the promotion of reading programs, the use of IT in education, project-based learning and moral and civic education.
        • Development of Generic Skills The school strongly emphasize on enhancing pupils' generic skills in different environment. Develop pupils' communication, creativity and critical thinking ability.
      • Student Support
        • Whole School Approach to Cater for Student Diversity Inclusive Education, Remedial Teaching groups after school, Learning Support Programme and collaborative teaching.
        • Whole School Approach to Integrated Education We set up Student Support Team to coordinate the implementation of whole school approach to integrated education. Members of Student Support Team conduct meetings with our educational psychologist, student guidance officer and subject teachers to discuss the difficulties of students with SEN and provide appropriate support for them, including various study groups and social, self-management, and communication skills training.
        • Education Support for Non-Chinese Speaking(NCS) Students Our school provides additional support for NCS students to facilitate their learning of Chinese: arranging intensive Chinese learning and teaching mode(s), e.g. pull-out learning if necessary, split-class/group learning, etc.; and organising cultural integration activities.
        • Curriculum Tailoring and Adaptation According to the experts' reports, we will tailor-made / adjust the curriculum for the children who are in need.
      • Home-school Co-operation and School Ethos
        • Home-School Co-operation 1. Parents Representative from PTA are invited to sit in different sub committees. 2. PTA organizes educational activities for parents and pupils.
        • School Ethos 1. To enhance pupils' sense of belonging and promote the caring culture in the school. 2. To maintain harmonious teacher pupil relationship and enhance home school cooperation.
      • Future Development
        • School Development Plan 1. Put an emphasis on physical and personal growth of pupils, so that they can enjoy the school life in the new campus. 2. Development of e-learning, training of teachers to meet the diversified needs of pupils learning.
        • Teacher Professional Training & Development 1. Encouraging teachers professional training. 2. Enhancing the skills of lesson planning, in order to promote the skills in communication, creativity and critical thinking of pupils. 3. Strengthening the sharing culture between teachers. 4. Promoting the culture of lesson observation among teachers.
        • Others -
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