• Primary School Information
    • School Information
      • Supervisor/ Chairman of Management Committee Mr. Poon Shu Chiu Edward
      • School Head Mr. Hui Carlo
      • Has the Incorporated Management Committee been established? Yes
      • School Type AidedWhole Day
      • Student Gender Co-ed
      • Sponsoring Body Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong
      • Religion Catholicism
      • Year of Commencement of Operation 1953
      • School Motto Please refer to the Chinese version.
      • School Size About 8454 Sq. M
      • Through-train Secondary School -
      • Feeder Secondary School -
      • Nominated Secondary School -
      • Medium of Instruction Chinese
      • School Bus Service School Bus; Nanny van
      • Parent-Teacher Association Yes
      • Old Students' Association/ School Alumni Association Yes
    • 2019/2020 Annual School Charges
      • School Fee -
      • Tong Fai
      • PTA Fee $150 (one-off)
      • Approved Charges for Non-standard Items $300
      • Other Charges -
    • School Facilities
      • Number of Classroom(s) 24
      • Number of School Hall(s) 1
      • Number of Playground(s) 3
      • Number of Library(ies) 1
      • Special Rooms Special Rooms including computer room, School Campus TV production room, music rooms, English room, counseling room, dancing room, table-tennis room and self-learning room.
      • Facility(ies) for Supporting Students with Special Educational Needs Accessible lift.
      • Others -
    • Teaching Staff Information (Including School Head) in the 2018/2019 school year
      • Number of teaching posts in the approved establishment 41.0
      • Total number of teachers in the school 41
      • Qualifications and professional training (%)
        • Teacher Certificate / Diploma in Education 100%
        • Bachelor Degree 100%
        • Master/ Doctorate Degree or above 37%
        • Special Education Training 61%
      • Years of Experience (%)
        • 0 - 4 years 46%
        • 5 - 9 years 17%
        • 10 years or above 37%
    • Class Structure
      • 2018/19 School Year
        • P1 Number of classes 4
        • P2 Number of classes 5
        • P3 Number of classes 4
        • P4 Number of classes 4
        • P5 Number of classes 2
        • P6 Number of classes 2
        • Total 21
      • 2019/20 School Year (Based on the approval of EDB in 2019)
        • P1 Number of classes 3
        • P2 Number of classes 4
        • P3 Number of classes 5
        • P4 Number of classes 4
        • P5 Number of classes 4
        • P6 Number of classes 2
        • Total 22
    • Performance Assessment
      • Number of test(s) per year 2
      • Number of exam(s) per year 2
      • Streaming arrangement P.1 - P.3: Evenly distributed into classes. P.4 - P.6: According to examination results and students' abilities.
      • Diversified Assessment for Learning Besides tests and exams, assessments include project learning, teachers' observations, students' learning portfolios, cross subjects learning activities, oral presentations and group discussions, etc. Assessment adaptations are provided to SEN students (according to the reports / opinions from EP and other professionals).
    • School Life
      • Number of School Days per week 5
      • Number of periods per day 9
      • Duration of each normal period 35
      • School starts at 8:15 AM
      • School ends at 3:20 PM
      • Lunch time 12:25 - 13:25
      • Lunch arrangement Provided by designated supplier and Prepared by parents.
      • Healthy school life Healthy eating is encouraged and a healthy food menu is provided by the lunch box supplier. "Fruit Days" are arranged to encourage students to eat more fruits. During recess, students participate in various sports activities such as basketball, table tennis, shuttlecock and rope skipping. "Sports Everyday" Program and "Eat Smart School Accreditation Scheme" are run throughout the school year.
      • Remarks School ends at 2:00p.m. on Fridays. Extra-curricular activities and tutorial classes are arranged after school every day.
    • School Characteristics
      • School Management Organisation The School Principal, with the help of the Deputy Principal, plans and monitors the school affairs. The Incorporated Management Committee supervises the whole school. All teachers and staff implement the school policy cooperatively. Four domains, including Management and Organisation, Learning and Teaching, Student Support and Student Ethos, and Student Performance are set up and work cooperatively in order to promote the development of the school.
      • Incorporated Management Committee / School Management Committee/ Management Committee School managers come from education and other professions. Elected representatives from the alumni, parents and teachers are also the members of the Incorporated Management Committee.
      • School Green Policy 4Rs is implemented in school. Green campus and environmental protection education are promoted emphatically.
      • School's Major Concerns To achieve the ultimate goals of 'gifted education for all' and 'education for the gifted'. The school aims to identify and develop the potential of gifted students systematically and strategically by providing them with appropriate opportunities so that they can unleash their potential under a flexible teaching and learning environment.
      • Learning & Teaching Strategies 1. Self-directed learning: the school promotes students' self-learning skills through various strategies and activities, e.g. different high order thinking strategies, learning strategies and theme-based learning week, etc. 2. Small class teaching helps cater for students' diverse learning needs, improve learning efficiency and facilitate interactions between students and teachers. 3. Provide a language-rich environment that supports student's language learning. 4. Performing Arts Education: Dance and drama lessons for developing students' multiple intelligences like creativity and communication skills. 5. To promote STEM education, the school provides enriched learning activities for students.
      • Development of Key Tasks Various learning activities are implemented to achieve the objectives of 4 key tasks: 1. Reading: Online Reading Program, Morning Reading Program, Reading Accompaniment Program, Reading Award Scheme and Library lessons; 2. Moral and Civic Education: Moral and civic education lessons, Service-learning, talks and seminars, environmental education; 3. Project Learning: Project learning activities are implemented in each level; 4. Using IT: Using IT in teaching and learning in each subject.
      • Development of Generic Skills To develop students' cooperative and communicative skills, cooperative learning and brain based learning are adopted in each subjects. Through various activities, student's creativity and critical thinking skills will be developed.
      • Whole School Approach to Cater for Student Diversity Student Support Team is set up to cater for student diversity. Members, including EP, social workers, speech therapist and teachers, work together to promote Whole School Approach to IE in order to further cultivate an inclusive school culture and enhance the effectiveness of the support given to students with special educational needs. Assignment and assessment adaptations as small class teaching, the arrangement of remedial/ enhancement learning classes, Chinese reading and writing remedial classes and tutorial classes after school are provided to SEN students. School based counselling activities are also carried out every year to take care of students' growth.
      • Whole School Approach to Integrated Education Our school has established the post of Special Educational Needs Coordinator. The coordinator is responsible for planning and optimizing the formulation, implementation and monitoring of IE support strategies in school, reviewing and evaluating the operation of various school support measures and resources, so as to promote the Whole School Approach in our school. Apart from providing suitable homework and assessment arrangements for SEN students, our school has also set up a number of functional groups to help them in learning, self-care and social skills. Our school attaches great importance to Home-School Cooperation. Counseling services are provided and talks with different themes are held regularly so as to assist the parents.
      • Education Support for Non-Chinese Speaking(NCS) Students Our school provides additional support for NCS students to facilitate their learning of Chinese: For example, after-school Chinese tutorial classes.
      • Curriculum Tailoring and Adaptation Assignment and assessment adaptations are provided to SEN students according to the reports and opinions from EP. Remedial/ Enhancement learning classes are arranged to students who have different learning abilities.
      • Home-School Co-operation Teachers contact parents regularly through phone calls and parents' day. Regular meetings, seminars, parent-child workshops and activities are organized by the PTA.
      • School Ethos At Bishop Ford Memorial School our mission is to educate the whole child through the Gospel values of Christ. We shall uphold and pass on the five core values, namely Truth, Justice, Love, Life and Family, to young people to prepare them properly for their life and future responsibilities.
      • School Development Plan The school puts emphasis not only on academics but also performing arts. Therefore drama and dancing are included in regular weekly lessons. The implementation of small class teaching and other remedial / enhancement learning classes give suitable and effective help to students. In addition, the school adopts various methods to increase students' interest in reading and to educate our children to be useful to society.
      • Teacher Professional Training & Development Matching with the yearly school major and key concerns, teacher professional training and development is promoted effectively.
      • Others Scholarship provided by PTA: To award those students who have excellent performance in academics and conduct. Scholarships provided by OSA: To award those students who have excellent performance in sports or arts; or in voluntary works.
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